VP Productions is a Houston-based photography business for portraits, engagement, and wedding sessions.

About the Photographer
Hi there! I am Vicky Pink.
I have always been intrigued by recording history. I love capturing life's moments as they are revealed to me daily. I seek to share my vision and experiences with the world through photography.
As a child, I always loved to look at photos of family and life events. As yearbook editor in high school, my passion for photography became apparent. Although I worked in other areas over the years, I was always intrigued with photography and videography. After obtaining a BA in Communications Radio/Television, I start VP Productions in Houston, Texas. As a freelance photographer/videographer, I get to do what I love. I enjoy capturing special and historic moments. My work has been featured in many local and national publications. All those family photos and videos have now become priceless treasured memories for generations to come.