VP Productions is available for any and all types of events and is especially experienced when it comes to: Professional Headshots, Organized Events, Family and Group Portraits, and Sporting Events. Also feel free to check out our Celebrities and Scenery collections.

Professional Headshots
VP Productions offers top quality professional headshot services for all kinds of events, such as standard portraits, portfolio photos, modeling, travel, and special events.

Organized Events
VP Productions specializes in photography services for many types of organized events, including proms, speeches, engagements, conferences, funerals, rallies, performances like concerts and plays, and other special events.

Family and Group Portraits
VP Productions has been renowned for its exceptional photographic quality, especially when it comes to family and group portraits, whether it be casual or as part of a special event.

Sporting Events
VP Productions can provide top quality sporting event photos for any sport, whether it would basketball, football, baseball, soccer, billiards, hockey, or even swimming.

VP Productions has developed a countless number of connections with people, many of which are celebrities.

VP Productions has always enjoyed taking photos of both the natural beauty of our world as well as mankind's architectural marvels.